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The Doorstep Foundation
Vowing to never leave the problems
of our people on anyone else’s doorstep!!


About Us.

The Doorstep Foundation was created with the motto “vowing to never leave the problems of our people on anyone else’s doorstep,” in mind.

The Doorstep Foundation is the entryway for our youth to have an opportunity to gain skills and create a pathway to success, by having group sessions and role models that will encourage and support them to achieve their dreams. The core values of The Doorstep Foundation are Service, Integrity, Respect, and Responsibility. 

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Our Goals

The Doorstep Foundation is a mentoring program designed to connect males between the
ages of 8-18, who have been identified as having behavioral and/or emotional support needs,
with male mentors in their community.

The goal primary goal is to improve the wellbeing of each youth by providing activities and
programs designed to keep youth off the streets and out of trouble, by providing
role models that will encourage and motivate them academically, socially, and personally.

Program Components

Youth in the program will receive:

● Group (ages 8-13 and ages 14-18) sessions with peers 2 times per month
● Snacks/Meals at every group session
● Mentoring via phone or face-to-face
● Educational support
● Financial Literacy
● Health Awareness
● Emotional Awareness
● Character Building
● Check-ins with Parent
● Field trips
● Service activities as a way to give back to the community 2 times per year
● Social engagement activities
● Connect with a local therapist (as needed) to help deal with emotional and or/ behavioral trauma outside of the group.

With the support of parents, community leaders, churches, schools, corporations, and role models, The Doorstep Foundation will grow, build, and strengthen our youth and help lead them to a path of success in society.


Our Team

Andre McNeal

Founder & CEO

Zakia McNeal


Craig Chapman

Technology Support


Awesome Supporters


A Word

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Taking the time to develop our youth helps to create valuable citizens in the future.
I’m committed to doing my part by bringing a network of individuals to teach and inspire all the youth I can. They are our future.

Andre McNeal

Andre “Debonaire” McNeal

Founder, CEO


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Let’s work to inspire Vowing to never leave the problems of our people
on anyone else’s doorstep!!


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Where to find us

Oak Park Community Center
1701 Oak Park Ave N.
Minneapolis, MN 55411

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